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So Monday 23.04.12

Georgina Gomez by Georgina Gomez
Honda gives Pinterest users a break
Honda gives Pinterest users a break

Multi screening seems to be the norm these days, we're all constantly surrounded by devices when watching something on the box. Zeebox is set to take this evolving sofa habit forward, but Shazam have been in the game for some time. They have struck up a few TV and Mobile partnerships with brands in the US, but little has happened in the UK. Maybe Shazam's new deal with ITV will give brands the platform to integrate phones/tablets with what's on TV. Redbull have done a great job recently and Disney also ran a great campaign to get exclusive content on your handset. Read more on the ITV and Shazam partnership here

“Shoppers seem to be much more comfortable making their purchases online, so they are […] looking at products in stores and then buying them at lower prices via the Internet. A survey conducted in late 2011 by a book market research company, the Codex Group, indicated that 39 percent of people who purchased books from Amazon said they had looked at the book in a bookstore before buying it online. Best Buy’s recently announced fourth-quarter loss – $1.7 billion, resulting in the closing of at least 50 stores – can in part be attributed to “showrooming,” the name given to the practice of visiting stores to look at products and then price shopping and ultimately purchasing the products online. Indeed, Best Buy stores seem to be a perfect venue for finding and toying with all the latest technology – but not necessarily buying it there.” Read the full article here, courtesy of Dan Calladine.

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