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So Monday 02.04.12

Georgina Gomez by Georgina Gomez
VW let's you virtually hitchhike around Europe on a Beetle
VW let's you virtually hitchhike around Europe on a Beetle

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Domino’s Pizza announced that it took over £1m in sales through its mobile platform in a single week in Q1 2012, with total e-commerce sales accounting for 50.6% of UK sales in the 13 week period up to March 25 2012, up 44.5% year-on-year to £59.3m. Mobile payments made up 16.4% of total online sales, a slight increase on reports last month that the pizza company took 13% of digital sales through a tablet or smartphone. Domino’s investment in its mobile platform certainly appears to be paying off – in September we reported that it had generated £10m of sales through its iPhone app in eight months and gave its new iPad app a glowing review. Thanks to Dan Calladine for this content.

Tribal DDB Amsterdam has launched an interactive online game for Volkswagen promoting the launch of the third generation VW Beetle car. The campaign, named 'Hitchhike with a Like', is based around an interactive experience giving virtually hitchhiking around Europe. Music is a central part of the campaign so cities featured were carefully chosen for  their known cultural and musical events. Players need to choose a destination city and a character to guide them through the game, allowing Facebook fans to virtually travel to the greatest cities in Europe while picking up points along the way for their chance to win a real Beetle trip across Europe.

On Friday 30th Facebook rolled out Timeline Pages as the only option for Brand Pages from now on. As we've been showcasing along the way, many brands had already switched to the new format and were benefiting not only from visually impactful profile but also from much better performance rates - according to Simply Measured there has been a 46% increase in page engagement compared to old brand Pages. We’re starting to see really innovative uses of the Page and its potential with apps like The Voice US, which will introduce Timeline voting from this week. Check out this top 10 of creative uses Timelines Pages for more inspiration.

Last week we talked about adspend and the growth we’ve seen, this week we Isobar Mobiles Tim Dunn’s comments on what last year’s spend really means and highlights some very valid points.

 “This year we saw UK mobile ad spend rise 157% to £203m. This seems like a massive amount and a hugely positive trend. But the big questions remain unanswered. For example: why does mobile still only represent 3% of total UK paid search spend when mobile search is 15% of total consumer searches? Why does print get 15 times the investment mobile does, when in every demographic under 55 mobile has taken a greater share of engagement for some time? Why when the mobile web is set to outstrip the fixed web globally some point next year (and that’s excluding app usage) is desktop web media is 22 times that of mobile? The fact is, our industry is underperforming in delivering mobile advertising to where it needs to be. Most worrying of all is the trend that underlines this. Comscore reveals smartphone ownership is rising at around 75% year-on-year. Smartphone ownership is driving up mobile media consumption at an astonishing rate, with some sources suggesting that mobile already takes up 27% of media time – more than TV and only 5 points behind online. Forecasting a few years out gives us a troubling picture running up to and beyond 2015. Even if we assume that mobile flattens out its share of media consumption, ending up at around 30% by 2015, and mobile advertising continues to grow at its current 157% year-on-year (in line with IAB forecasts), we still see an enormous gap between consumers’ use of the channel, and our ability to address them through it.”

Read the full  article in NMA (registration needed).

2011 was a tough year for Blackberry bad press when there servers shut down and didn’t let you receive emails and then bad PR they got around the riots a new financial report doesn’t make for any better reading. “Blackberry manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) has reported a quarterly loss, due in part to falling revenues on the back of weak smartphone shipments. The Canadian company made a net loss for the three months to 3 March of $125m (£78m), compared with a profit of $934m a year earlier.” Revenues  and shares also fell significantly, by 80% over the past year. According to BBC, the results were worse than analysts had expected and RIM shares fell sharply in after-hours trading.

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