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Learnings of a mobile nature

Mobile shopping
Mobile shopping


Carat recently celebrated all things mobile with Mobile Week. Cathy Bussey sums up some of the learnings.

Great brands connect with consumers by telling stories. Think the John Lewis Christmas adverts, or adidas’ activity around the Olympics. Stories provoke powerful emotional reactions.

And there’s no device to which consumers are more emotionally attached than their mobiles. They’re immersive – a point ably demonstrated by a famous video of a texting woman falling face-first into a fountain. They’re widespread – globally there are more people with access to mobiles than with access to safe drinking water.

On an average day most of us have checked our mobiles 20 times before we even get into work and look at a computer. Mobiles live in our pockets, permanently connecting us to one another.

All of which points to mobile being the ideal way in which to reach customers with immersive content that tells stories.

Peter O’Mara Kane, group head EMEA at Millenial Media outlined four steps in the process: pick the right audience, show them something beautiful; tap into their innate desire to share by socialising the content; and then close the loop.

The latter point is the most difficult and doesn’t necessarily refer to CTR or likes to a Facebook page. A well-planned campaign can add significant business value. O’Mara Kane cited a campaign for Oakley carried out during the Olympics, in which targeted consumers in London were directed to Oakley’s store via creative and video content. The upshot was a 300 per cent uplift in footfall to the brand’s Westfield store – a tangible business result.

O’Mara Kane also pointed to an audience ripe for targeting via mobile – mothers. Most already have smartphones, and 80 per cent of those that do not, get one within the first three months of having a baby. Mothers use their phones to stay connected while at home with the children, and when on the move, such as on the school run or at the playground. No other media can reach them in such a comprehensive manner.

O’Mara Kane has promised that in 2013 Millennial Media will have new products that will help bring stories to life on mobile – watch this space.

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