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Bing cannot win without improved algorithm

Bing vs Google: the battle for search
Bing vs Google: the battle for search

Microsoft’s search engine is rightly focusing on interactivity with social networks, but until user experience improves it cannot hope to dent Google’s supremacy, says Leaon White.

MSN has made some big changes to its search engine recently. We’ve seen Yahoo and Bing join forces in the UK to form the Search Alliance, in the hope the joint audience will help both companies compete with Google’s seemingly unshakeable dominance.

Next Bing devolved its search listings, making it simpler for users to see and find what they wanted. A forthcoming evolution of the search results page in the US will follow a three tiered approach: regular search results; universal search results including maps and photos; and a social sidebar bringing together the major networks Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

This development means Bing users can have enhanced results, based upon what friends like. A search for restaurants, for example, could bring up places that friends have liked or recommended. As commentators have noted, this move has to be seen as a direct swipe at Google. 

This recent development is a natural step forward.  Social platforms are gaining increasing leverage within people’s online habits and the importance of friends’ opinions are being utilised more and more within marketing.

But for me the most important question for Bing remains: When will it improve the quality of its search results?

Most of us have at some point Googled ourselves - but the same kind of search on Bing throws up many unwanted or unrelated results.

If Bing wants to take on Google it is moving in the right direction with its new interactivity with key social networks. This is particularly pertinent considering the genuine impact of Google+ on the social scene is still up for debate. This is only really underpinned by the volume of users on Google and their almost subversive acceptance of new ‘life improving’ offerings.

But without an improved algorithm Bing will continue to lag behind Google.

The recent changes are certainly dynamic and could help in bringing more users to Bing, but until the quality of its search offering improves it may struggle to make a real impression.

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